Monday, April 4, 2011

Me, myself and I...

Monday morning started off with a great blogging workshop by Sheena Gates and the assignment we were given is what got me to write what’s below...

So I have been given the task to blog! Who am I and what am I all about? To be honest, I don’t really know. It changes from day to day and depends on what mood I’m in. To take some time out of my day to reflect and look at myself is trickier than I first thought. But I will give it a bash and see how it goes.

 I am not the type of person that from a young age knew what I wanted to be, in fact to this day I’m not too sure...and in a world where everyone else around me seems to have their lives sorted, it can be a bit scary. In my short time on earth, I’m only 22 so I haven’t lived a lot; I have seen and encountered many things that have shaped me into who I am today. I am claustrophobic, energetic, fun, silly and I love to talk A LOT! I sometimes think I’m too realistic and because of this I miss out on certain things in life but I guess that’s just me.

I love my family, including our dog, my amazing friends, who have gotten me through some rough times and my boyfriend, who came into my life and stole my heart. I believe that without family, friends and love one can’t exist, these are core elements that we need in our life to make us happy and whole.

When I look back in my past and into my future I am happy with what I have and done and where I will go. No one has the secret to living a ‘perfect life’, whatever that might mean, so I am just excited to see where the adventure, called life, is going to take me.


  1. How cool is your dog?! Love that!

    I love that you included such beautiful photos in this, it really brings to life what you were saying about your relationship & other loved ones.

    I do wish that you'd given it just a leeetle bit more insight into who you are, and what represents you as a person.

    I think if you carry on with this path, eventually it will become so much easier for you to share yourself in your blog posts, and remember that sharing doesn't necessarily need to be about intimate and private things, but can sometimes just be as little as showing insight and opinion into a subject or topic.

    Keep it up, Natasha, you're heading in the right direction :)