Thursday, April 7, 2011

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?

Let’s put it this way it would no easy task, do you even get poles that high? And if so I doubt you are meant to be standing on it in the first place. But let’s say for some unknown reason you find yourself in that situation, exactly how do you step down from a 100 foot pole?

While unless you are secretly a ninja or have amazing spider man abilities I doubt you would get down from a pole that high in one piece. You would have to be rescued or take the risk, for those that like living life on the edge, and jump from the pole, although I would go for the first option as death would more than lightly be the result of the second.

At least if you had to try jump it you would quite literally end your life with a bang and just imagine what the newspaper headlines would read, ‘Stupid fool jumps from a 100 foot pole – and dies’  at least you would be remembered for something out of the ordinary. With all this being said I still can’t see how anyone would be able to or want to get onto a 100 foot pole in the first place but maybe that’s just me.

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