Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is it a poor idea to lie to yourself?

I actually think the opposite; I think that it is a poor idea not to lie to yourself. In life we often don’t like to face the truth so I think we lie to ourselves as a way of dealing with the things that happens to us. In fact if we didn’t lie to ourselves I don’t think we would survive.

When we lie to ourselves it allows us to do or continue to do things we wouldn’t usually do if we had to be honest with ourselves. This chocolate won’t make me fat, I know he will never cheat on me again; he only hit me that one time and promised he would never do it again. These are just some of the things as human beings we refuse to see the truth in. Imagine we didn’t lie to ourselves about these things; we would never make it out alive.
When we eat a chocolate while on diet we say to ourselves that it is not a bad thing - lie, when a guy cheats once we tell ourselves he will never do it again – lie and when a guy hits you we say we know he won’t do it again because he promised – lie.

It’s a sad but true fact, that to make it through life we sometimes have to turn a blind eye and lie to ourselves.

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