Friday, April 15, 2011

The sound of one hand clapping

This honestly has to be the most random topic EVER! I don’t even think it is possible for one hand to clap never mind the sound that it would make. Ok so to break it down, to hear the sound of one hand clapping it would mean that you would have to have only one hand, right?

So I’m sure we can all agree that having one hand is rather unfortunate but what about those people who pretend to have only one hand? Do those sick people exist...the answer is yes they do. I actually got to witness this the other day. I was driving in town, up Buitenkant Street to be more specific, and saw the strangest thing when I happened to stop at a red robot. There was a lady begging for money with only one arm...or so it seemed. On closer inspection, actually it was quite obvious really, it was clear that her arm was just tucked into her t-shirt and that she in fact was a fully-abled woman.

Honestly how silly can you be to think that that kind of lame trick would work? Anyone with two reasonably working eyes would be able to see that she was faking it. Maybe this badly done trick works for her but it sure didn’t fool me.

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