Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogging successes!

So I am only beginning to understand the world of blogging but there are some bloggers that have been around a lot longer and have hundreds and in some cases thousands of followers. There are three blogs that I will be looking at in my blog...drum roll please...

The first well known blogger I will be looking at is the famous, or in some cases, infamous Perez Hilton. He is a well known Hollywood blogger who lives in LA and blogs on all the celebrities and the crazy things they get up to. No one is untouchable to Mr Hilton, something that has caused some controversy in the past such as when Perez Hilton called Will-i-am a f*ggot. He later apologised for what he said.

His blogs are all about celebrities which can be a good thing as it allows one to stay up to date with who is doing what in celebville. His blogs are also straightforward and hard hitting, Perez Hilton isn’t afraid to go after anyone which means that any celeb can be targeted no matter their stature in Hollywood. His website is also colourful and helps add to his image, of being ‘out there’. Perez Hilton also doesn’t restrict his blogs to just words; he adds relevant videos and photos. So if you want to be in the know of celebs, follow Perez Hilton at

The next blogger I will be looking at is Seth Rotherham, real name William Mellor, is a well known blogger that is based and originates from Cape Town. He started out small and is now very big with a large following on his blog. He slogan, “work is a sideline, live the holiday” sums up what he is all about.

His blogs are mainly lifestyle related and up to date with the latest news that is going on which means that if you read his blogs you are up to date on the latest going ons. The brand he has created also draws people in as he is living the life most people dream, like companies paying you to wear/ advertise their stuff. Not only are his blogs intriguing but so is he as a person, he is witty and arrogant, characteristics that usually wouldn’t be seen as a positive but in this case they work! Seth also allows for advertising and promotions on his blog and this brings more people and ultimately more money to him. Seth has managed to work and play at the same time and used his blog to widen his horizons to a radio station and property leasing, so follow him at

Urban Ninja is the last blog I will be looking at for now. Little is known about the guy who writes this blog except that he is based in Cape Town. His blogs are mainly about active/ sporty topics such a cycling, triathlons and other sport races. His blogs speak about sporting events that have happened and that are upcoming. He himself is also a sporty guy into cycling, which perhaps explains the blog topics, and is sponsored by Puma for all his gear.

His blogs are perfect for the type of people looking for good sporting events and what they are all about. He also gives first hand experiences of the events he has taken part in which gives a personal touch to the blogging experience, it makes it easier to relate. Like Seth, he allows the brands that sponsor him to display and promote their brands on his blog. Also by using a name such as Urban Ninja it draws attention and has a better chance of getting noticed as opposed to someone who uses their ‘normal’ name, by using a name like Urban Ninja is adds mystery and people want to know more. So if you want to know what sporting events are hip hop and happening follow the Urban Ninja at

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  1. Very cool take on the boys here. I do think that you might have taken the easy road here by choosing two bloggers you've already had experience with during the course of your btech studies. Perez also happens to be international, and the brief was to write about local bloggers in this assignment.

    Just to give you some insight into this excersize: the point is to push you guys into getting involved with the blogging scene, specifically the local bloggers. It not only talks to marketing & PR, but will give you insight into how others are doing it.

    Sorry to say, you missed the mark on this one ;(