Thursday, September 15, 2011

Job hunting

So as my BTech year comes to an end it is almost time to face the real world of work, no more long vacations during the year or taking days off when you don’t feel like going in. In the real world it just doesn’t work like that. I am over studying and feel ready to start working.

I can’t wait to earn my own money and stop relying on my parents for everything. The thought of getting a salary for the work that I have done seems rewarding (as long as it is a worthy sum of money). Although I am excited to start working I am also scared, to be perfectly honest. Firstly I am scared that I won’t be able to find a job, secondly not really enjoy the job I do and thirdly if I really suck at the job I do. I try not focus on the negatives but sometimes I can’t help it. I want to work in a job where I am challenged, learn new things and experience the ways of the world but most importantly I want to be passionate about what I do and come home at the end of the day happy about what I did.

So wish me luck as I continue on the job hunt, hopefully it won’t be too gruelling and terrible.

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