Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What motivates me?

Hmmmmm what motivates me in life? Well I know nothing gets me to up and motivated to start my day like a good breakfast. Picture it, it’s raining outside, cold and you are all warm in your bed, what could possibly inspire you to get up and out of your bed? Well for me the answer is simple, breakfast!

Anything will do really a nice big bowl of Coco Pops, a cup of hot chocolate, toast with cheese, French toast and on rare occasions bacon and egg (that depends on how lazy I am to actually make it for myself). Well besides breakfast there are more interesting things that get me through my day and motivate me. My friends play a large role in my life, they are always there and I know when I am feeling down a night out with them or even just going for lunch will lift my spirits.

Of course there is alcohol to lift ones spirits too but that usually ends badly with a sore head the next day and avoiding any loud noise – not very ideal really. Music is also a great motivator; all I need to do is listen to a happy song to put me in a god mood. So many times I don’t feel motivated to go out but all I need to do is listen to a party song and just like that I’m in the mood to go out.

So these are just the little things that motivate me daily not exciting but they work wonders for me.

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