Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A skill set called leadership

So what makes a good leader or allows a person to take on the role of being a leader. Well all i know is that South Africa was unfortunately not blessed with the greatest people in the role of leadership.
I mean for one our president, Jacob Zuma, doesn’t know much about anything – even once said that you can get rid of HIV by showering and eating vegetables, I mean if the president of the country and the person who so many people look up says that then there isn’t much hope at all. If anyone says that he is a good leader or has great leadership qualities then they are either not too bright or they just ignorant.
Below are some of the quotes by our president, the leader of our country...so hopeless.
You cannot leave a woman if she is already at that stage (of sexual arousal).
~ Jacob Zuma- during his rape trial in 2006

It would minimise the risk of catching the disease.
~ Jacob Zuma- during his rape trial in 2006, explaining to the Johannesburg High Court why he took a shower after having sex with an HIV-positive woman

So after reading the above quotes, I’m sure we can all agree that a change in leadership of South Africa is needed.

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