Monday, July 11, 2011

Blackberry Haters

So as popular as the Blackberry is you still get those people that won’t give the cell phone it’s due and just admit that it is amazing. It has BBM and you are able to browse the internet constantly, of course there are other similar things like Whatssup and Mxit but in the end they just not the same.
Of all my friends there are maybe 3 that don’t own a Blackberry, they claim that they are not one of the sheep that follow what everyone else is doing and that a Blackberry is a ‘bad’ phone (whatever that means) but I just think they being haters. Yes my Blackberry has been in for repairs more than once through no fault of my own but that could happen to any cell phone whether Blackberry or not! Just the other day my sister’s new Nokia went a bit loco.
So that’s just my thoughts on this insignificant matter. In the next year there will probably be an even better brand of cell phone with even more to offer, so maybe Blackberry won’t have the haters hating for too long.

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