Sunday, May 22, 2011

Safety on campus

So in light of the recent strikes that happened at CPUT I really don’t know how safe I feel at the institution I study at. What a sad thought, who would ever be afraid to attend the place they study at? Well at CPUT this is the case. Just last week I was locked up in a classroom being suffocated, well kind of, by a fire extinguisher that was being let off under the door and into our classroom – oh the joys!

Out of all my friends, I am the only one that studies at CPUT. When I told my friends, who study at UCT and Stellenbosch, about the violent strikes they were so shocked and couldn’t believe that something like this could happen at an educational institution. What a joke CPUT must be to the other universities in Cape Town. Never have I heard of any strikes, let alone violent strikes, at any of the other universities in Cape Town.

What is even funnier, in a way, is the fact that the strike doesn’t even surprise or shock me. It has become so normal; in my second year at CPUT we didn’t attend class for two weeks due to the strikes.

The scary thing is that these strikes are becoming more and more violent and have a sometimes useless or unreasonable motivation. At least it is my final year so I won’t have to deal with it for too much longer.

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