Friday, May 6, 2011

Cruising through work

So last night I met up with a friend who recently returned from a nine month cruise around the world. No she hadn’t returned from a holiday but rather from work. Work, you might ask? You see for the past nine months she has been on a small, if you class 420 people as small, cruise liner that travelled all over the world from America to Australia and everywhere in between. At this point you might be thinking how could you call this work, living on a luxury cruise liner and travelling around the world?In fact she studied cosmetology, for those that don’t know it includes learning massage techniques and anything to do with the world of beauty and because of this my friend worked on the boat as a masseuse for the people on the ship.

While we were having drinks last night she had so many stories to tell, from the crazy parties they had on the boat – with free alcohol I might add – to the amazing site seeing in Venice, Italy, London and Australia, to a romantic relationship that she had with one of the Romanian crew members, all while earning a large amount of money.

To me it sounds like a dream; travelling the world, on a luxury cruise liner, while earning money and meeting foreign boys. She loved it so much she is leaving again this Saturday for another nine months. Now that’s living life!

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