Monday, March 28, 2011

We are what we do

I think that is a true saying because just like we are what we do in the same breath we are what we eat. I eat a lot so I can easily relate to this saying. It is a simple yet oh so true saying, if you eat unhealthily you are going to be unhealthy, if you eat a lot you will be fat and if you eat too little well then you will be too thin. So can something as simple as food shape who we are. Yes it can literally and figuratively shape us.

How many times have you binged on junk food all day and landed up feeling so yuck the next day that you swear to yourself you will never eat that much junk food again? I know that feeling too well and it never feels good. So food can make us feel happy, sad, full, tired and is almost like a boyfriend, it can change your mood in an instant from happy to sad or vice versa. Without it we moody and too much of it we get tired.

It is a simple known fact that without food we would die so for an object that isn’t technically living and in most cases gets eaten, it’s a pretty powerful role player in our society. Now that is food for thought!

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