Monday, March 14, 2011

Howsit my China

When you think of the country China, what do you think? The mega country that has so many people that if they all had to walk around the world the line would never end? That would be correct but having never been to China before I really don’t know what it’s like. However, I have been to China town and it is quite something, I imagine it to be a small taste of what China is like just on a much smaller scale.

For those that don’t know China town, it is where you can find lots of shops with good s from clothing to food to toys, actually anything you could possibly want. I suppose that’s why it has the word town in it, it is so big and has everything. Although the quality and origins of the products they sell at China town might be a bit dodgy, it is a great place to find cheap things.

Just the other day I was at China town and got a dress for R60, quite a bargain I would say! It is so easy to get carried away buying the most random useless stuff because it is just so cheap. There is even a R5 store with nothing over R5, there is just no way you can walk out empty handed.

So if you in the mood to buy something random that won’t cost you an arm and a leg go to China town, you are sure to find something there.


  1. Where is this miraculous China Town? It's so on my list of things to do this week.

  2. Ya it is great! It is by Sable Square, a little shopping centre near Canal Walk. You must go look:)