Monday, March 21, 2011

A sad Saturday

Saturdays are the best, no work or classes, you get to sleep in and just chill. That’s what my usual Saturdays consist of but this Saturday that just went by was a very different. I love animals so much; especially dogs so this incident touched me deeply.

It was early Saturday morning and my mom had just returned from her morning run. She came home all flustered and in a panic. She said that she had seen a dog in Goodwood running along the main road looking delirious, starved and badly looked after. The thought of this poor dog being all alone and in such bad shape was too much to bear so my mom and I went back to the area she had first seen the dog and we drove up and down the road looking for this dog. After ten minutes of driving around we thought the dog must have wondered off somewhere where we would be unable to find it, so with heavy hearts my mom and I gave up our search. We started making our way back to the main road but for some reason we took a wrong turn and to our disbelief we saw the dog lying on the pavement.

I have never in all my life seen such a sad looking dog; it was shaking and was so scared of anyone that came near it. It had ticks, fleas and flies all over it and was so thin its ribs were sticking out. So we put the dog in the back of our car and took it home. We gave the dog a great meal and water. But we could not keep the dog as we have a dog of our own. I called the animal welfare and they said we should bring the dog in. I know it sounds silly but I had grown so attached to this dog in the short time we looked after it.

So we all got back in the car and took the dog to the animal welfare. I have never wanted to go to such a place but on this day I had no choice. As I entered the place I started to cry. I had to fill in a form about the dog before the vet could look at it. I was emotional and the tears rolled down my cheeks on to the form I was filling in.

After I filled the form in I was told to bring the dog in so the vet could assess what could be done. We brought the dog in and the vet looked at the dog and said, “In cases like these...”. When I heard those words I knew what was coming and didn’t want to be around to hear it so I ran out the room sobbing. I waited outside and when my mom came out five minutes later sobbing my suspicions were confirmed. They said the dog was too sick and too old for adoption so it would have to be put down.

I cried the whole car ride home for that poor dog that obviously wasn’t loved. The kind of people that can do that to an animal makes me so mad. Dogs are loving animals that love their owners no matter what and here someone had just forgotten about their dog. The dog didn’t have a name but I decided to call it Macy, so that it could at least die with some dignity.

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