Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warning: Sale might prevent injury!

So for those of you who don’t know, YDE is a shop that sells clothing that is designed by South African designers. The clothing at YDE is young, funky and on trend. Twice a year, every year, they have their sale where the clothes are marked down from 25%, then 50% and eventually to R99.

The R99 sale means that every item of clothing in the all the YDE stores across South Africa is R99. As you can imagine this causes a lot of excitement and believe it or not even injury. I have been to a few of these R99 sales but stopped after things got a bit too crazy.

I remember the R99 sale last year February really well. Before the store even opened at 8am, there were so many people already waiting at the store entrance to get in. Some people I heard even spent the night to make sure they are the first people waiting in front of the store. Shoppers were so eager to get in as the store assistants opened the door that people were pushed to the floor and literally walked over as excitable shoppers were eager to get in. A lady even got her hand jammed in the door and as result her blood was all over the entrance of YDE. A scary sight!

Once shoppers were inside things didn’t calm down, people grabbed rails of clothes without even checking sizes and styles. Within 20 minutes the rails were empty and all the clothes were gone. Luckily in all the madness I managed to get a few cool items of clothing.

All the commotion and craziness was a bit too much for me. So I have decided that I would rather pay a bit more for my clothes and shop in a calm, civilised manner than have to fend for my life just because the clothes are R99.

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  1. Haha! Dominique Warr told me about her experience as well. She was disgusted by the way people behaved! I'm not even going to try and go there!