Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Designer PR

So when you hear the phrase designer PR, what comes to mind? I think of two things Samantha and Sex and the City. Now for those that don’t know about Sex and the City this might sound a bit confusing.

Sex and the City is a TV series that follows the lives of four middle aged women, all with successful careers, who live in the upbeat, fast paced city of New York. One of the women in the series, called Samantha, is a successful PR practitioner who runs her own PR company in New York. She to me is the definition of designer PR. She is fabulous, witty and full of personality and is constantly decked out in the latest designer clothing from her shoes to her sunglasses. Even if you watch just one episode you will see she is never without her Dolce and Gabbana bag, Chanel sunglasses or Louis Vuitton heels.

So what does this mean for us PR people that don’t live in a TV series and can’t afford to wear the latest trends from designers? All I know is that the label a person wears doesn’t make them any better at what they do, they might just look better while doing it.

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  1. I loved Sex and the City! I could watch a marathon and eat popcorn the whole day!