Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shop till you drop

So I am sure that every girl loves to shop and I am no exception. The shops seem to call my name every time I enter a shopping mall. It always starts off the same, I tell myself not enter any shop I don't need something specific from but before I know it I’m drawn into yet another shop that will only cause me to spend my money unnecessarily and walk out with an item of clothing I don’t even need. All it takes is a sale sign or a good window display to grab my attention and make me enter the shop, almost against my will. I can’t help it if I like nice things. Just try walking through Canal Walk without seeing a 'Sale' sign, it just doesn’t happen and we as the shoppers are almost obliged to go in and have a look. There could be a top that you've been dying to get and it could just happen to be on sale...bargain!

So my advice to anyone that likes nice things and can’t seem to turn a blind eye to a sale sign, rather stay away from shopping malls all together. Nice things will never run out of the shops but your cash sure will.

1 comment:

  1. Happens to me ALL the TIME! I hate going to the mall, especially Canal Walk. I tend to go with a shopping list and rush through the mall looking for my targeted places, then get the HELL out of there! :)