Monday, June 6, 2011

Holiday Time

So after putting in all the hard work to finish off the semester at varsity, we have now been awarded a month and a half long holiday...can I get a whoop whoop! So now the question is now that I have so much free time, what am I going to do with it? All I know is that that isn’t a hard question to answer.

Sleeping late is at the top of my agenda for the holidays, especially due to the fact that it is winter. There is nothing quite like sleeping late when you can hear the pouring rain outside, best feeling ever. So that’s just one of the luxuries I will be awarding myself this holiday. Next I will be doing what I want but guilt free. So many times I would go out shopping or out with friends when I knew I had more important work to attend to. Luckily for me all my friends, or majority of them, are also studying which means they are on holiday along with me, which means spending time with friends is also on the agenda of things to do this holiday and with that comes a bit of partying...which of course I don’t mind.

So now that I have spoken about what I plan to do these holidays I better get to doing it. So happy holidays to all those people on holiday. 

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