Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bazaar find

So I love food and therefore eating out and trying as many different restaurants as possible. I will try out any place at least once because some of the best places are the ones many people don’t know about. I happened to discover this fact last Friday.

I had heard about this restaurant in town called Eastern Bazaar, everyone who went there had only good things to say about it so I thought I would give it a try – plus nothing was more than R35 on the menu. Now you might be thinking it’s too good to be true I mean how could this restaurant be so cheap? So with knowing all this information I went expecting the restaurant to be a hole in the ground with the terrible food. Well exactly the opposite was true.

Eastern Bazaar had all types of food like Indian, Chinese, Italian and all other kinds I hadn’t seen before. The food was so good and I couldn’t believe how much you got for the price you paid. The restaurant surprisingly wasn’t a hole in the ground but was decorated in an oriental theme.

So for anyone that likes food and isn’t looking to break the bank I would recommend Eastern Bazaar. You are spoilt for choice of what you want and you won’t leave disappointed.

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  1. Ah- my favourite Eastern restaurant- The Butter Chicken with rice....is king! Miss you yo!