Monday, August 29, 2011

Celebrity Obsessed!

I love all things celebrity, I can’t say I would want to be one – I mean that in all honesty but I do love following them on Twitter, watching their reality shows and THS on E! Entertainment and reading about them in the various magazines.

As I am busy typing this blog, I’m busy checking the E! Online website to see the latest news about my favourite celebrities. Some recent exciting news in Hollywood includes reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s wedding (can’t wait till they show it on TV), Beyonce Knowles announcing at the VMA’s that she and husband Jay Z are expecting and Lady Gaga performing dressed as a man. As much as people say that the Hollywood lifestyles is superficial and all fake, I really don’t care, celebrities are rich and have the most exciting lifestyles – they keep us entertained which is ultimately their job being a celebrity in the spot light and all.

So for the latest news, videos and photos on what the latest in Hollywood is I would definitely recommend you watch E! Entertainment and visit their website too.

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