Friday, October 21, 2011

Only bad things happen quickly

Below is a rather random poem I found about bad things that happen.

There are too much gun and knife crimes on the streets,
There are too much parents giving children beats,
There is too much cereal without no wheat,
So tell me what im gonna sposta eat,
There’s too many gangs hanging round on roadside,
On the way back they fall on der backside,
There’s too many people carrying knives,
Just walking round taking lives,
A young boy just in year 9 dropping out from
Thinks he cool but really he’s just playing the fool,
He thinks he’s got it all jus coz he’s got a
 swimming pool
Now off the streets he’s cleaning poo
Now he’s a full grown man wishing he’d gone to school
Another boy being bullied for colour of his skin
Every day they’ll just boot him in the shin
Then after that they’ll just put him in the bin
He couldn’t fight back he was way too thin
So he killed himself with a giant pin
Stupid young boys smoking weed
Den when they to school the they don’t succeed
When they walked home they started to feel dizee
They fall on the floor hit they head and start to bleed
Man u v arsenal the match they never got to see
All because of smoking weed

Chizom Okpara

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